Variety, and why no two Pyper days are the same!

When we set up Pyper, we knew that we wanted to do work that was interesting and varied – and ideally fun.  This week is a wonderful Pyper week – doing so much stuff that we absolutely love.  Meeting clients about exciting new projects, creating props for filming – 65 bottles of mead and counting – and putting together the most fascinating press packs we’ve ever created is the stuff that happened in the office, whilst we’ve also been out and about filming, with more filming and photography to come in the rest of the week.  In fact, it is hard to believe that it is only Tuesday.

Perhaps the most fun part is not only coming up with ideas, but seeing them through at every stage – we roll our sleeves up and deliver every part of the concept, whether that requires us to create signage and props, or assemble attention-grabbing items to send to journalists.  We’re as happy sitting at the computer writing scripts as we are being out on location helping with the filming.

So, if you need someone you can rely on to deliver any kind of marketing or PR project, give us a call.