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Our services

As we mention on our homepage, our clients frequently ask us to do just about anything - which is very flattering as they think of us as the 'can do' PR and marketing people - so listing the services we provide would likely be rather a lengthy document.  So here's a quick summary... but if you don't find what you are looking for, just give us a call!

Public relations

At the core of our services is the job that we trained to do - public relations.  We're experts at writing news releases and ensuring that they get into the hands of the right people, creating PR strategies and implementing them, working alongside inhouse PR teams on special projects, or sometimes to offer a longer view of a project or initiative, securing reviews, editorials and features for our clients across a wide range of media, from BBC Breakfast to The Beano.

We take on many different kinds of project, from one-off news releases or writing commissions to long-term communications plans, with budgets ranging from a couple of hundred pounds to many thousands.

We're also the right people to call when things aren't going so well; we will sit alongside you to handle any potential media crisis, creating a strategy for everyone in your organisaiton to follow, coaching spokespeople and taking steps to minimise any potential damage to your organisation's reputation.  And if it has been damaged, we can show you how to rebuild it in the future.



We know what sells, and we know how to work with many diverse target audiences.  We are equally at home designing a brochure or a newsletter as we are at creating a brand strategy and marketing plan.



A picture paints a thousand words, and we understand how important imagery is to any project.  We handle a lot of photography projects in-house, including product photography for website and brochure use and taking photographs to accompany news releases, but also know specialist photographers for some specific projects where different expertise is required.


Educational communications

Parental surveysThe last few years have seen a marked change in how schools and colleges approach communications - a huge difference from the termly parent meetings and occasional letters that we received as children!  Now schools are actively looking to involve their parents in the running of the establishment.  We can help.

Our expertise ranges from creating parental surveys that allow headteachers and governors to monitor and self-evaluate the parental perception of the school, and how effective measures taken in the school improvement plan are in addressing them, to creating 'first impression' reports to highlight how a first time parent would perceive your school - especially important in the independent school sector.

Something a bit unusual...

JellyFest"What can we do to give business a bit of a boost?" is a question that many of our clients ask.  We understand how promotions work, but often, discounting should not be the first port of call for a quick customer pick-me-up, and that's when we come up with unusual ideas to get your brand in front of your potential customers or visitors.

We've organised a whole lot of stunts and events, minimising risks and maximising returns, from setting up pop-up restaurants on bridges around the country, to creating art installations of umbrellas in a historic castle.  We've created a virtual hole in a pavement to promote archaeology, and chaperoned a horde of Vikings into the Blue Peter studio to make sure they kept their pillaging urges to themselves!  We've even wobbled jelly on The One Show as part of a Jelly Festival we created!

We create great and unusual ideas by working closely with our clients to understand their needs and their wishes, and every idea will be conceived to work within your budgets to deliver the best possible return on investment.