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The Pyper logo

Since we first revealed the Pyper logo, people have been saying, "I love it!" often followed by, "What is it?"

Here's a larger version which might help you understand it a little better:

Pyper York Limited logo

Our logo was inspired by the legend of the Pied Piper. Now, we enjoy a good story as much as anyone … but, more than that, we never cease to wonder how something as simple as words can be turned into something with the power to influence how people behave, think and act.

 That’s something the Pied Piper understood brilliantly, and in the same way that he could encourage others to follow him by playing hypnotising music on his flute, today we want the words we write and the messages we publish to encourage people to take action, whether that involves buying a product or visiting a specific location.

The swirl in our logo cleverly incorporates lots of different people – men, women, children and even a man and his dog! – who represent the many different audiences we all want to talk to.

Finally, you might ask why are we called Pyper and not Piper? Well, in the original English version of the story, attributed to Richard Rowland Verstegan in the book Restitution of Decayed Intelligence (1605), Pied Piper was spelt Pyed Pyper.

PS. Our logo was created by one of our favourite designers, Alan Rothera from YoYo. Thanks Al!

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